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    Singapore is famous for its strict laws and high cleanliness standards. The same standards were adopted by the national healthcare system making it a perfect medical destination for patients who value cutting-edge infrastructure, cleanliness, professional services, and English-speaking personnel. Yearly, Singapore attracts an estimate of 800,000 foreign patients (mainly from Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, and PRC) pursuing high-quality services they cannot get in their native countries.

  • Even though Breast Augmentation in Singapore is more expensive than countries like Philippines and Thailand, but the high cost repays with reliable service, professionalism, and comfort. Patients from top-tier countries (such as the US, UK, or Canada) also consider treatment in Singapore as here they are able to get world-class medical services for a much lower price.

  • medical professional

    Singapore got its title of the “leading medical-tourism hub in South-east Asia” and is well known for its modern medical technology and highly trained doctors. As the economy in Asia continues to develop, travellers are going beyond cost savings in search for better quality healthcare. Medical providers are upping the ante with technology adoption, innovative healthcare access programmes and delivery of care outside traditional hospital settings. Rest assured that you will be in the hands of doctors who have internationally recognised qualifications and have received speciality training at leading institutions in those countries.


Ranked 4th globally among medical tourism destinations
Only Asian destination to break top five rankings
Source: 2016 Medical Tourism Index by The International Healthcare. Research Center (IHRC).

Benefits of Medical Services in Singapore

  • A competitive health care system that was ranked 6th by the WHO in 2000 and 1st by the Bloomberg in 2014. Singapore holds very high standards of professionalism and cleanness and has effective laws that eliminate any possibility of medical malpractice.
  • Singapore is a well-developed urbanised country where you won’t face chaos and untidiness common in other Asian countries. It has the lowest corruption rate in Asia, and, therefore, dealing with authorities is a pleasure here.
  • Many of Singapore’s clinics and medical facilities have accreditation by JCI.
  • All Singaporean clinics are packed with state-of-the-art equipment that are constantly updated for better safety and reliability.
  • Singapore is focused on biotechnological innovations. If you are looking for a new and rare treatment, you should inquire about it in Singapore.
  • Singaporean doctors are well-educated and regularly undergo practice in foreign clinics.
  • English is one of Singapore’s official languages, so patients from all over the world can easily communicate with doctors. This fact puts Singapore on the front foot among other English-speaking countries with much costlier medicine. Some private clinics offer translation services for patients who speak none of Singapore’s official languages.
  • Singapore maintains very high safety standards in blood transfusion. Centre of Transfusion Medicine is avowed as the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for a top-notch management of this service.


Singapore is a country known for its nightlife, shopping scene and rich food culture.
The bustling city is filled with activities that will keep you entertained during your recovery here.